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These are the people that make life worth living.

Amanda Rutherford.

Amanda has been my best friend for a long time. If I'm as lucky as I hope to be, she will be my best friend for many years to come. I love her a lot. But not in 'that' way.

Dan Fifield.

Dan has been a brother-figure to me since Junior High. I trust him with all of my secrets, and he listens to whatever it is I have to rant about. In turn, I'm willing to do anything for him. But not in 'that' way.


Kayleigh is my 4-year-old niece. She never, ever fails to make me laugh, and she's going to be a kickass chick when she grows up.

Jesse Snow.

Jesse has helped me in more ways than he'll ever know. Love that boy.

Melissa Meeker.

Melissa has always been there when I needed her, and I'll always be there when she needs me. On the asskicking scale of 1-10, she's a 12.

Chris Berg.

I don't love Chris from the bottom of my heart. It's more like from my toenails.

Erik Juettner.

I can't tell you much about why Erik's special.. I wouldn't know where to begin.

Jeremy Norris.

I'm content just to breathe he same air he does. He is Perfection.

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