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Welcome to my Photo Album!

This is my niece Kayleigh and I before my graduation. I had just asked her a deep philosophical question and she was pondering the meaning of life. Not really, but isn't she a cutie?!

This is Ryan House. He's a pretty close friend of mine. We met my Sophomore year, dated for a while, broke up, and stayed friends. We have names for people that even we don't understand. All in all, he's a pretty decent guy :)

This is Dodd Alley. We met my Sophomore year as well at a speech tournament. He's pretty talented and has a great sense of humor. He just doesn't keep in touch nearly enough. (hee:))

This is my wonderful family. They are:
TOP (L-R) my brother Dan, my father, and my brother Travis
MIDDLE (L-R) Dan's wife Jamie, my mother, and Travis's wife Heather
BOTTOM (L-R) my sister Stephanie, me, and the little blondie in my lap is my niece, Kayleigh. AWWWWW.

This is my niece, Kayleigh, and myself on the afternoon after she was born. Isn't she pretty? I was pretty tired and had quite a bit of trouble keeping my eyes open, as you can see.

This is Josh Escobedo, me, and my bunny named Billy, that Josh says looks like a piece of fecal matter. This picture was taken in April of '97 on top of the Sears Tower in Chicago. Quite the high place. It was fun:)

This is Chris Berg, AKA The Great Godzilla. He's my Birthday Buddy!

Pictures of Me

Prom '98
Senior Picture 1
Senior Picture 2
Senior Picture 4 - my favorite

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