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I really don't know, but I wish she'd get the hell out of there because she's really freaking me out...

Here's everything you'd ever wish to know about me. Well, not really EVERYTHING. I'm not going to tell you the personal stuff.
HAIR: a multi-colored hodgepodge of wonder
DOB: 12-01-80

A few interesting tidbits of info about ME!
I'm a part-time student at the Mexico branch of Moberly Area Community College. Part time means REALLY part-time; this semester I'm being lazy and taking 6 (yes, 6) credit hours. The rest of my spare time is spent devoted to three hobbies: Music, Other Stuff, and Jeremy.

I'm a big fan of music in most forms, excluding rap, pop, and *shudder* country. I'm sorry if that offends your bad-lyric-loving self, but I really don't see how those three categories can fall even close to real music. I sing and play guitar pretty decently, and I have a keyboard that I like to sit behind and pretend I'm good at playing it. A few links to bands I like can be found here.

Other things I do include questing for the Holy Grail and bitching about how sucky my computer is. There are other little things I do throughout the day, but why waste the space talking about them?

Perhaps the most important thing I do (wink wink nudge nudge) would be Jeremy. He's an exceptionally perfect specimen of the male species. He has pinkish orangish hair and is (unhealthily? Naah..) obsessed with Skinny Puppy. I would show you lovely picture of him, but you aren't quite worthy of the beauty. Plus I haven't gotten him drunk enough to allow me to take a picture.

Here follows a picture of me with an odd expression. I looked at it and the first thing that popped into my head was:

Mom, I wanna be a rock star!

I try to be a pretty laid-back person but if you piss me off, you'll get a Look like this one

Ooh. Scary.

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