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Welcome, dear brothers and sisters, to the Holy Church of the Shaven Yak. Here we sit in worship of the ever-powerful HOLY SHAVEN YAK, formerly known as Beppo, the Shaven Yak of Suavity.

Look upon his image with fear, dear brothers and sisters, for up until a few days ago he was PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE!! Do not look directly into his eyes, or ye shall be paralized with fear!

The Holy Shaven Yak partook in such crimes as:




This was when his thievery really hit home -- He tired to steal my very own car out of my very own driveway in front of my very own house!

Directly afterward, he committed his most heinous crime. A crime so unspeakable, so devistating, that he would surely go to jail if he did not reform his evil ways. This crime was... *GASP...*


Ladies and Gentlemen, this was my very own cat, on my very own couch, IN MY VERY OWN HOUSE!! I knew something had to be done about this yak's evil, evil ways. And so, after a talking to and months of rehabilitation, the Church of the Holy Shaven Yak was formed.

If you are a believer and wish to send fundage to the Church of the Holy Shaven Yak, inquire with the owner of this webpage.

No cats or yaks were harmed in the production of this webpage.

The Church of the Holy Shaven Yak is a joke, a whole joke, and nothing but a joke. Don't thump your Bibles at me!

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